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International Frisbee Disc Association

International Frisbee Disc Association

The early years of international flying disc play were dominated by the influence of the International Frisbee Association (IFA) which began in 1967 as the promotional arm of the Wham-O Manufacturing Company. Many of the international affiliates began as Wham-O distributorships that sponsored tours of well-known Frisbee athletes.

Several groups of individual disc event stars like the brothers Jens and Erwin Velasquez and the team of Peter Bloeme and Dan “Stork” Roddick made several tours of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe in the mid-1970s; Jo Cahow and Stork went to Australia and Japan in 1976 and Victor Malafronte and Monica Lou toured Japan around the same time. Stork—starting as head of the sports marketing arm of the U.S.-based Wham-O in 1975—played a crucial role in encouraging the establishment of national flying disc associations (FDAs) in Sweden, Japan, Australia, and in many of the countries of Western Europe. The FDAs began with freestyle and accuracy

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